A Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with…

We all know the famous quote by Lao Tzu. It is all about that first “single step” forward.

Why then is it often so hard to take that first step? Is it a fear of going the wrong direction? Is it fear of failure? Is it a fear that everyone will be watching… your every step?

In late 2011, I was contacted by the organizers of TEDxAFC (America’s Finest City) and asked to speak at their upcoming conference. I accepted. Almost unknowingly, I took a “single step” and embarked on a journey. I had no idea what my topic would be. Not wanting to speak about my job, company or what I do for a living… I opted to challenge myself to find something more meaningful to present. I began searching for an “idea worth spreading.”

I’ve long been fascinated with entrepreneurship and successful people. I decided to research habits that made many successful people successful in the first place. What I found surprised me. Many of the answers seemed so basic, so simple. I immediately decided that I needed to experiment with the implementation of these practices in my own life. I had found my TEDx topic and CommitTo3 was born.

Long after my talk was over (July 2012) the team and I continued development on CommitTo3, as a side project. It took 2.5 years. We built it, and re-built it. To be fair, we probably did that a few times. In the end, we finally had something to share with the world. And just today we “officially” launched CommitTo3. The iPhone app was also launched today. The app has already been featured by Apple in their “Best New Apps” category. It feels to me like some very significant steps were taken today.

This blog will document the evolution of CommitTo3. I will attempt to be as transparent as possible, so that you can all embark on the journey with us. If you have a story of how CommitTo3 has impacted your life, please do share it with us. Inspiration is a powerful motivator. We’d love to hear about your successes, as well as failures.

Welcome to CommitTo3! We are very happy to see you here. May today be the first step for you towards a more successful life.

— Michel

2 thoughts on “A Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with…”

  1. Love the app Michel! Building my team now.. I know this simple step will help me stay accountable and work towards achieving my goals.

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