An extraordinary life…

You say that you want an extraordinary life. Why not? Who doesn’t? But what are you willing to do to get it? What old habits are you prepared to discard and what new habits are you prepared to build?

I came across a quote recently that really resonated with me and with what CommitTo3 is all about.

“An extraordinary life is all about daily, continuous improvements in the areas that matter.”
– Robin Sharma

The first step is to make the decision (once and for all) that you want to live an extraordinary life. It’s that easy…. and amazing as it sounds, most people never get past this first step. Many would prefer to sit in the mud… stuck, dirty, living unfulfilling lives. “As long as the mud is warm and comfortable… I’m all good.” You see, getting up, cleaning up and moving to a better life is simply too much work to bother.

Assuming that YOU no longer want to live in that place, it will take action. On what? How? When? These are all valid questions. And that is where the magic of this quote kicks in.

By improving daily on the areas that matter we will slowly, eventually arrive at our destination… an extraordinary life. It is all about small steps in the right direction…. each day.

Are you ready to get going? Do yourself a huge favor. Hit the “pause” button on life. Take a walk. Spend some time with your thoughts. Find a way to identify the things that are holding you back. Really get down into the bad habits and the self-limiting beliefs. Then, establish a plan to change them. Daily. Continuously.

Ask your friends to hold you accountable while you do it. Once you really get going, the magic of the universe kicks in. Trust me. I’ve seen it for myself.

And an update on the CommitTo3 project…
– CommitTo3 is now available as an Android app.
– Apple featured the iOS version on the front of the App Store!
– In two weeks, it was downloaded over 20,000 times.
– Momentum is building.

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