New CommitTo3 Update Features

Exciting New Features Coming Soon:

Account owner:

Invite members, create teams, and manage billing (now you can pay for your team members)


Discuss commits with team members using the Comment, Reply and ❤️ features.

Activity window:

See all user activity in one place.

Slack integration:

This exciting new feature posts user activity to your own slack channel.


All new architecture with data encryption.

Observer Mode:

A manager or coach can watch and comment on the progress of the team without participating as a team member.

Expanded profile settings:

Set work hours, reminder time preferences, etc.

Of course, the only way to really understand how CommitTo3 can increase productivity for your team is to try it out for yourself!  We’ll be officially launching the software in the coming months, so this is your chance to test drive the new update free before anyone else.


*CommitTo3 beta is currently only available on desktop. 

We look forward to your feedback on how to level up CommitTo3 to better suit your company’s needs.

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